Following sensible credit card practices is essential to ensuring Valentus Representatives and Customers complete the signup process and ongoing transactions without experiencing complications. This simple reference guide of Dos & Don’ts will help to reduce the likelihood of declined or canceled orders.

When Placing Initial Orders and Ongoing Orders


  • Ensure new Customers and Representatives create their own Valentus account with their personal information.

  • Confirm the name on the new member’s account matches the name on the credit card being used.

  • Verify the new member’s phone number and address are valid.

  • Ensure new Valentus members use their valid Tax Identification Number (TIN) / Social Security Number (SSN) / Social Insurance Number (SIN).

  • Confirm the name on the account and TIN/SSN/SIN are an exact match as per Internal Revenue Service (USA accounts) and Canada Revenue Agency (Canadian accounts).

  • Protect your and others’ personal information—including your TIN/SSN/SIN and credit card accounts— by not sharing these with anyone.

  • Ensure the new member registers under the person who introduced them to Valentus, or registers under the person who the Valentus Customer Support Team introduces them to. Don’t sign up beneath someone unknown.


  • Use nicknames on your Valentus Account or Valentus Customers’ accounts.

  • Purchase excessive amounts of Valentus product for the purpose of rank advancement, commissions, or bonus opportunities.

  • Use another Valentus member’s credit card to pay for orders on your account

  • Place orders on a Downline account using your credit card.

  • Sign up a new Valentus member yourself. (You can assist with creating the account; however, you can’t accept the Agreements for them.)

  • Create duplicate accounts for the same customer.

  • Place orders on multiple accounts using the same shipping and/or billing addresses.

  • Use Post Office boxes or freight forwarding shipping addresses.