The FTC looks for certain words, phrases, and pictures to ensure that Valentus is being compliant with the policies and procedures they have set in place. To ensure that Valentus is being compliant, Valentus must ensure that the Distributors are being compliant. A huge part of being compliant begins on social media.

Medical Claims

Valentus Distributors are not authorized to make any medical or condition claims. We cannot mention words regarding any conditions. (Alzheimer’s, Anxiety, Arthritis, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Depression, Eczema, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Insomnia, Obesity, etc.) Although we can say certain products may help different areas with a certain condition, we cannot make statements allowing an individual to believe our products are the best decision for their condition.

Income Claims

Currently, all the keywords the FTC is searching for are already in the Fieldwatch Program.

The following words and phrases are flagged for Income Claims:

During this difficult time...(referencing the pandemic), bank, bought, cash, check, commission, dollar,
earn, money, rich, wealth, income, paid, dollars, earned, wealthy, million, thousand, hundred, lifestyle,
trip, dream, credit card, financial freedom, retiring early, get rich, never work again, residual income, millionaire, retire, quit your job, fire your boss, guaranteed income, unlimited income, lifestyle of your dreams, recession-proof, millions, easy money, easy income, financial freedom, time freedom, financially free, passive income, residual income, career-level income, retire, get rich quick, replace income, unlimited income, substantial income, lifestyle changing income, significant income, thousands per month, free car, free vacation, free trip, full-time income, substitute income, be set for life, make more money than you ever imagined, make more money than you thought possible, million-dollar club, thousands of dollars, six-figure income, be your own boss, get paid what you’re worth, the sky is the limit, no ceiling on income, dream car, beach house, mortgage, create wealth, seven figure, plan B, work from home, unlimited, pay bills, pay debt, extra income, stream of income, debt free, I’m hiring, start working from home, earning

a month, build a business, earn an extra, from the comfort of your couch, earned commission, can you imagine, unlimited potential, why not you, top income earner, who wants to earn, career-level, full time income, quit job, sanitizer, six figures, investment, economic collapse, replace income, stay at home, shelter in place, inner calm, super calm, healthy income, explosive growth, start a million dollar business, extra $, dreams, travel, make money online, incredible future, new house, luxury lifestyle, retire young, win $, pay for, paid to travel, all expense paid, ongoing income, financial independence, financially independent, time freedom, unprecedented times, unprecedented situation, tough times, 8 shopping annuity, retire by 30, 9 to 5, 2–3 year plan, million dollar club, million dollar members an average, stressed, system, now more than ever, crisis, financial crisis, advantage of quarantine, in times like these, what is going on, what is happening, earn extra money, afford anything, afford everything, your chance, quality of life, blessed, blessing, bless, free travel, free trips, watch me, network marketing, anybody can do, quick and easy, no experience needed, big money, your own boss, no risk, purchase at wholesale, huge profit, absolutely guaranteed, no selling, pay check, pay cheque, expense paid trip, paid for trip, paid to recommend, just recommend, huge check, part time hours, retirement, build a legacy, financial

Revised 8.1.22



stability, able to retire, expense, redirect your spending, your online store, beautiful house, life changes, million dollar, make money online, new house, pay off debt, extra money, sells itself, Lexus, new car, new apartment, major cash, luxury lifestyle

These statements below are approved as OK to be said as they are not guaranteeing results; they are suggestive quotes. As long as a disclaimer is attached, displaying that the results are not guaranteed nor the same for everyone, it is approved as OK to be said.

Things that CAN be Said & Examples

  • Financial Freedom – “Potential Financial Freedom”

  • Financial Security – “Helped us achieve financial security”

  • Residual Income – “Supports residual income”

  • Weekly Earning – “Potential weekly earning”

  • Plan B – “Could be a plan B”

  • Generates full and part time income/ Jobs –“Could help support residual income”